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My annual income is more than $200,000 (or more than $300,000 with my spouse) or my net worth, excluding the value of my primary residence, is more than $1,000,000

My annual income is less than $200,000 (or less than $300,000 with my spouse) and my net worth, excluding the value of my primary residence is less than $1,000,000

I would prefer to receive information about JOBS Act equity crowdfunding investments without disclosing my financial status


Congrats. Your business is like every other business and needs money. The bank politely said no. The VCs not-so-politely said heck no. Raising money online from the crowd sounds nice, and maybe BankRoll is the place to do it.

Unlike other equity crowdfunding sites, entrepreneurs don’t submit their campaign to BankRoll and wait for approval. There are different methods of equity crowdfunding and we don’t expect you to know the legalese or which exemption you’re going to use. Plus, not all businesses are going to be a good fit for BankRoll. So, give us the basics of your biz and what you want to do as a starting point. Once you submit your info, we will follow-up within 3 business days by email to either set up a phone call to discuss moving forward, or to request more info, or to let you know (politely, because there are enough mean people in this world) that BankRoll isn’t the right fit to raise capital for your business. If you have questions, you can always submit them on the Contact Us page, or by using the form on your User Dashboard.

Before you spend time filling out this form, here are a few examples of business that won’t be a good fit for BankRoll:
– You want to raise funds as an individual – equity crowdfunding is only legal for companies
– You want to raise less than $100,000
– You can’t wait 30+ days to get capital
– You have been convicted of a crime or had regulatory problems related to securities transactions
– You have no budget to raise capital
– You aren’t prepared to do outreach and marketing to help raise capital

They actually used another word, but BankRoll tries hard to remain family friendly.

    Business Type: C CorpS CorpLLCLLPREITOther

    State of Incorporation:

    Intended Offering Exemption: Regulation DRegulation A+Regulation CFI don't know anything about these laws - I just want to use the one that gets my business funding!

    Intended Offering Type: EquityDebtConvertible noteCan I get a translation please? I don't understand what you're saying!

    Business Summary / Overview: please give us the written form of your 1 minute elevator pitch (ok, maybe a little longer, but keep it short: who you are, what you do, why you do it, why you need funding, what you're going to do / and where you're going to go once you get funding):

    File Upload (optional, you may want to include a pitch deck or executive summary):

    If there’s anything else you have a burning desire to tell us right now, this would be the place to do it: