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WorkSearch is testing the waters for a Reg A+ offering.



About WorkSearch

WorkSearch is set to disrupt the $4 Billion online jobs search market. Posters and Seekers are anonymous, so job seekers who are still employed can discreetly look for a better job or better pay using our employer blocking features. No one pays to use WorkSearch until both parties agree to connect and share their private profile information. When a potential employer/employee match is made by our patent-pending algorithm, each can accept the match. The cost? Only $10 for a job applicant, and only $25 for an employer.


WorkSearch’s time-saving anonymous matching system and low cost for users will quickly disrupt the online employment search market and make WorkSearch the go-to site for companies both large and small as well as for job seekers across the country.


Our Secret Sauce

We differentiate from the tired, existing marketplace through our ability to match users privately and anonymously with our patent pending skills-based algorithm. We are the only site that doesn’t charge until both employer and job seeker agree to connect. Also, because of the anonymity aspect, our bias free hiring angle is an enormous hat hanger for corporations large and small.




The WorkSearch Business Model

WorkSearch earns $35 per transaction. Hiring managers on average, interview 4 to 6 job seekers per hire. The average job seeker interviews 4 to 6 times before getting hired. Due to our business model processes and automation of the entire process, our company can be run very lean with minimal management, sales team and very small customer service staff. Our product is also available as a white label solution for large scale businesses and institutions such as universities.


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The Problems We Solve For Employers

High fees to post a job and high fees to search the database with no guarantee of any result and the search results are not very accurate and you are only allowed a limited number of candidate searches.
If employer wants to post a job in multiple locations, other sites make them pay a posting fee for each location.
Employers waste countless hours combing through hundreds of resumes searching for the right candidate.
Other sites have no functions that protect employers from diversity discrimination.


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The Problems We Solve For Job Seekers

Other sites are “free” to post your resume but you are solicited to pay a monthly fee to move you up in the search results. Some sites charge the seeker to post. IE; LinkedIn premium search.
Job Seekers waste many hours sending resumes to outdated job posts with no response.
Job Seekers are solicited to use a $600 resume writing service to help get a job quicker.
Job Seekers’ inboxes gets spammed with junk mail for years.
Job Seekers get unsolicited phone calls trying to get them to apply for a job that is not associated with their experience.
When filling out a profile, Job Seekers are misdirected to an application for an online university when they thought they were still completing a profile.
Other sites have no privacy for the employed seeker to actively search without fear of his or her present employer finding out.


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The WorkSearch Solution

We have created a platform that solves all of the above issues. Users are anonymously matched in a private setting using skills which eliminates the need to read hundreds of resumes. With added blocking features the employed seeker can actively shop their skills and because of our anonymity and the skills matching, we remove any hint of potential bias. Our revenue model is a performance based where no one pays until both parties agree to connect.


Other Unique WorkSearch Features

We don’t charge to post or to search. Employers only pay $25 when the Job Seeker agrees to connect. The Job Seekers pay $10 to complete a connection to the poster.
WorkSearch does not charge extra to post and search in multiple locations.
WorkSearch’s patent pending skills-matching algorithm brings the cream to the top instantly eliminating the less qualified applicants.
WorkSearch does not sell or share our user’s info.
All job posts on WorkSearchare only good for 30 days. Employers receive a notification in 25 days asking if the position has been filled in order to reset the timer if necessary.
Because the Job Seeker is required to have “skin in the game” before a connection is made, there is a reduced chance of fake resumes.
Because both parties are anonymous, our site matches people based on their skills which allows posters to select the candidate based solely on experience.
Job Seekers maintain a free lifetime profile and post when they want.
WorkSearch does not solicit or try to upsell our users.
Job Seekers are totally anonymous and the employed Job Seeker can elect to use our premium blocking feature if they are concerned their employer may find out.
Because both parties are anonymous, our site matches people based on their skills which allows posters to select the candidate based solely on experience.


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